“Worthy” By Minnie Moons

I know you think you’re too far gone
you’re not enough to carry-on
I’m here to tell you
you are wrong

You are not bad
You’re just badly broken
It was not your fault
Your innocence stolen

I need you to know I’m here to stay
And I’ll never stop fighting to show you the way
So come child lay your burdens down
Believe in your heart with all that you’ve got
I always have been and always will be ‘round

I will not forsake you and I’ll never be far
Every day of your life I’ve been here all along
When you felt so worthless
like your life had no purpose
I was building you up
I was making you strong

Now comes the day
when all eyes are on you
They will whisper and watch
What’s she going to do

She will rise full of dignity and grace
She will shine with the warmth of a mothers embrace
So wait all your tears throw away all that pain
Don’t you know that there’s peace and one powerful name
I am Abba I am father and you
you precious one
You and I our fathers children
And I his only son