“Maybe It’s Me” by Summer Miller

People always ask “how are you?”
But why do they even ask,
Why do people pretend the lie “good” is the
When every morning we all just wear a

Why do they act like they care at all?
We all know everybody’s just for themself.
Cuz when we scream for their help,
That’s when they’re suddenly deaf.

What’s worse is we know it’s one sided
And that their love is just fake.
We know no matter how much we give them
All they’ll ever end up being is a mistake.

We know no matter how much love we give
We’ll never get what we give back.
They’ll never give us any relief,
Instead they leave us when we’re under

Maybe that’s just our purpose,
Maybe it’s why we’re here.
Maybe it’s the simple cruel fact,
That I never feel real love out of fear.

Here in these words lie the emotions I’ve felt my entire life. The fear of being pushed away by the ones you love, but the reality of being the one running from being loved. This is me holding myself accountable for my self destructive tendencies. Maybe it’s really me.