“The frail flower you made beautiful” by Carrie Ackerman

The flowers in my garden lay frail,
struggling to bloom,
and there you were, the sun that forced me to consume.

The ever so needing,
water and Earth in the form of love,
that made my flowers grow far above

The fence line I’d only seen as broken,
he walked through the gates with the reassurance,
That never again would I know another disappearance.

Instead, he showed me flowers,
In a forest I never knew I could walk through, where the most beautiful flowers grew.

These flowers, evergreen and overflowing,
that made the flowers in my garden bloom,
so much I began to run out of room.

I knew something had to be done soon,
and he showed up ready to harvest.
The thorns, the weeds, everything that was hardest.

He plucked with such ease,
with gentle hands that should of felt pain, showed me instead that my garden will never die again.

The broken fence line, now a white picket fence,
Painted with names and stamped with memories we’d always adore.
My flowers would die no more.

And the look in his golden eyes,
showed me a future so bright,
That together him and I would always see the light.

Even in the darkest of the night, when no growth could come of my flowers,
he stood next to me with unforeseen powers.

Powers that would not only help my garden grow,
but to help a flower already founded,
never again will see a sky that was clouded.

You were crowned the harvester,
and now because of you my garden glows.
Thank you for being the reason my flowers will forever grow.