“J.E.M. 04/20/1984-02/16/2020” by Summer Miller

I miss your embrace,
Your hugs always healed me.
I miss the bond we had,
And how you always knew who I could be.

I miss the drunk moments,
And how we’d always raise hell.
I miss all the crazy moments,
And all the music we’d always yell.

I miss the unconditional love,
And how you always helped me be better.
I miss always playing with Sugar,
Still can’t believe you’re up there with her.

I miss all the belief you had in me,
And when we thought you’d always be here.
I miss the words you gave,
And how you always made sure I had nothing to fear.

I miss getting an extra sauce
Because you’d always demand your own.
I miss always making everything a race,
Now I play these games alone.

I miss all the comfort you provided,
And how you always gave it to me straight.
I miss wondering what bottle we were gonna drink
And always stumbling in too late.

I miss having you by my side,
And how you always made me feel loved.
I miss our childhood on Trudy Street,
And all the pain you numbed.

Quite honestly I just miss you,
And now more than ever man.
We’ll be together again someday,
It’s always been part of our plan.

Bio: I wrote this poem about my cousin Jeremy Edward Miller. On February 16, 2020 just four days before my birthday I found out I had lost the cousin who was more like a brother to me. My world shattered. He would’ve been 38 this year on April 20. I wrote this on his birthday for him. I miss him dearly, I wrote this to remember him. Thank you so much for reading.