“She’s crazy” by Carrie Parker

She’s crazy

She was once just a happy little girl, . But carelessly she was ripped away from the normality of guidance,
Forcing her mind to become clouded in the negativity of darkness,
Ruining her mentality, her personality, the ability to just live life comfortably.
She writes songs to secretly cope with the absence of love or friendship,
Her notebook overflows with the serenades of broken promises and make believe dreams she holds on to forever. Hoping one day they’ll actually happen.

An essay long checklist, branded and stamped in her brain , of nothing but descriptions that she routinely followed with strict instructions to alter her mind and body to fit into everyone’s so called fantoriycal idea of perfection.
She is constantly told or left to feel like she’s never enough, or she’s too much, just cares too much. A repeated cycle Everyday in her mind endlessly running all possibilities on how to become less or ways to pretend she doesn’t care. “Just bottle it up a little better” she says as she turned the top closed, struggling to not let even a drop out.

Her happiness comes from helping and doing for people without hesitations, for nothing in return but their happiness. But, no matter what amount of her all she gave, it was always too much.
The loyalty she holds could never be compared or matched, not even a little. She knows her kindness is just one of her best weaknesses so she pretends to be blind to the lies to protect the meaningful bond she enjoys, unfortunately no matter what is done to her.

So her uncontrollable emotions, are just fed up reactions to the actions done by others which makes her out to be the problem.

Her heart, shattered to pieces scattered everywhere just like a broken glass mirror that had been thrown on tile floors.

Sweeping up a pile, She looks at herself in the shards, only to be staring at her smiling miniature reflection who immediately and magically bonded the pieces perfectly together, like a completed puzzle, making it stronger than it ever was before.

Society may have crushed her but the eventful chapters in life, especially the more intense ones, only stitched and patched the cuts, transforming her to be indestructible in order to raise her little girl alone. to give her the universe to live effortlessly and independently without any fear. Giving that sweet baby a life of dreams turned into a reality of endless possibilities and opportunities. Everything she prayed for as a little girl, eventually to heal her inner child’s soul that was abandoned and hopeless.

But she’s crazy right?