“Season Shivers” by Lyric Faison and Malachi Williams

Frosty whispers
A cold feeling of drought
Frosty whispers
Not even warmness to be thought
Frosty whispers
On the wind
Frosty whispers
A chill that seeps beneath the skin
Frosty whispers
Winters breath so cold and clear
Frosty whispers
A silent song for all to hear

There are breaks ahead,
But they are one week instead
Easter is coming so bunnies are running,
Thunder in the sky, hovers like a fly

Rarely a squirt of water
Nothing else matters
Because it’s just another pattern
When you think of summer do you think of red?
That’s because it’s blazing hot weather ahead,

Leaves crunch beneath our feet
Autumn’s colors so bittersweet
School comes again
Upcoming stress,
Don’t run.
A new year has come once again