“Dear Melissa” by Summer Miller

There are so many things
That I wish I could say to you.
I feel like I should start
By thanking you from my point of view.

The first thing I’d like to thank you for
Is showing him how to trust someone.
I can’t imagine the struggles that came with
When it comes to a person who questions
everybody’s intentions one by one.

With the patience you possessed through that
You showed him the virtue of being patient.
It’s because of this and you
That he always knows how to keep me calm no
matter what the situation.

Thank you for showing him people can be
And always being a woman of your word.
You reminded him that despite someone’s
It’s their actions that should never be ignored.

You gave him the gift of loyalty
And you never gave up on him.
And when you had no choice but to leave,
He showed you the definition of “through
thick and thin”

You both made a commitment together
And kept it until that early end.
Thank you for being the example
Of not just a wife, but a best friend.

You two took care of each other,
Even in the moments when it was hard.
It was really through sickness and health,
I know you and I both hate the ways it’s left him

You gave him such a selfless love,
One he will remember everyday.
Please know through him you live on,
And that the love you shared still lives in his
heart and will never go away.

Since you know how grateful I am now,
I’d like to make some promises to you.
Through words not just to be said,
But through actions that will make these words

First, I promise to never try to replace you.
That’s something I would never want.
I never want him to forget you
And I’m happy it’s with you that I get to share
his heart.

His life’s been hard without you, he’s had his
But I promise to help him be the man we both
know he can be.
Together we’ll face struggles and success will
come at a cost
But I promise to never let him forget that my
love will always be free.

I know love won’t be enough to save him from
But I promise he’s already somebody I’ll always
He’s always there to rescue me,
So it’s important I remind him how he makes
me feel blessed.

I promise to love him the way he deserves,
Despite the false hope others have given.
He holds my entire heart in his bare hands
And a future has become something we both

I will love him forever, day in and day out.
I promise to be a woman he’s proud to call his
The kind of woman he knows you’d even be
Of knowing it’s me that he’s with to share his

I’m sorry your time was cut short
But to him you were a beautiful treasure.
And it’s because I know that about him,
That my last promise to you is to make sure he
knows that we’ll both love him forever.

Thank you Melissa.

Background: I wrote this poem to my boyfriends wife. She unfortunately passed away due to cancer a few years ago and he was left behind to mourn the loss of his wife. I can’t imagine the pain he felt during that time and I wish he didn’t have to carry that pain because I see the love they shared by the way his face lights up when he speaks of her. It’s honestly my favorite time to look at him because it’s almost as if this aura just goes around him full of just so much love. I did not have the fortune of knowing her, but I do have the blessing of knowing RJ. Because of the way he so patiently and delicately loves me, I am grateful that I have him and I acknowledge she is who taught him how to love me in the ways that he does. For that, I am so incredibly grateful that he was blessed to have had a woman like her as a partner. Their loyalty and strength gives me such hope as to what we are building ourselves and I love that it’s by again, a woman like her, that he was so fortunately loved. I will hold true to my promise to her to keep him safe and always make sure he knows how deeply he is loved by not just myself, but by her as well. Hopefully she looks down and knows how grateful I am for the love I receive each day from him because of the love that came from her and that I’ll make sure she is never forgotten. RIP Melissa.
I love you honey. If you ever forget, read this as a remind of much I do.