“I’m Sorry” by Ayden Vilaro

“I’m Sorry” words I know all too well
“I’m Sorry” the words I muttered when I fell
“I’m Sorry” for calling myself fat
“I’m Sorry” that I wore this hat

“I’m Sorry” for when I feel depressed
“I’m Sorry” for when I feel underdressed
“I’m Sorry” I say these words everyday
“I’m Sorry” I will say these words anyway

“I’m Sorry” that I hold in how I’m feeling
“I’m Sorry” the world has shattered my thinking
“I’m Sorry” when tomorrow I’ll feel the same
“I’m Sorry” these words I try to keep tame

“I’m Sorry” words I mutter from dusk ‘till dawn
“I’m Sorry” words right before my final yawn
“I’m Sorry” but I feel crushed all the while
“I’m Sorry” I say with a smile

“I’m Sorry” the final words from a broken man
“I’m Sorry” the words that crush a faithful fan
“I’m Sorry” I shout with all the air from my lung
“I’m Sorry” the only words I knew when I was young

“I’m Sorry” words i say much to often
“I’m Sorry” words much too easy to soften
“I’m Sorry” words I’ll say at my final stand
“I’m Sorry” a symphony played by the band

“I’m Sorry” my final call for help
“I’m Sorry” no one hears, it’s but a yelp
“I’m Sorry” words I’ll cry from the depths of hell
“I’m Sorry” words I know all too well