“Green Light” And “Defiance” By Bloom McGrew

Green Light

Echos of your soft soul leave me yearning,
Whispers cascade of your presence,
Broken fragments of flames burning,
The smell of sweet peas and pleasance,

Fostering the mirror of your grace,
Belief that I could soak up your sunshine,
Desiring the warmth within your embrace,
Pondering on the holiness in your divine,

Losing sight of my own truth and belonging,
Fires in my heart intensify through your being,
Growing this unpredictable sense of longing,
For your love so confining yet so freeing


Passion pumping through my veins,
delicate flowers under my lace,
feeling the chaos behind the chains,
madness brewing at the taste,

Hunger devouring my senses,
amist the fog, I lost control,
melting away each and every defense,
my heart filled with gold,
remembering that it is whole