“Genuine” by Summer Miller

All I’ve wanted my whole life
Is to receive the love I give
A love so strong
That there’s nothing we can’t forgive

A love that doesn’t die out
Just because of a fire that started
A love that excites me
And that leaves no adventure uncharted

A love that consumes all of me
My mind, body, and soul
A love that gives me peace
And always makes me feel whole

A love that saves me from myself
Even when I want to drown
A love that helps me escape
And get the hell out of this town

A love that’s so crazy
Only the two of us can understand
A love so out of the blue
It’s something neither of us could’ve

A love that nobody else understands
And maybe even question
A love stronger than any force
And to us it feels like heaven

All I’ve wanted my whole life
Turned out to be every piece of you
You’ve given me a love so strong
That I know there’s nothing we can’t get