A new poem by Summer Miller

People have no idea
They don’t see how I’m feeling
But inside I’m dying
I have no idea how I’m dealing

There’s so much pain in my heart
There’s so many bad memories
They haunt me consistently
My mind always goes to extremities

I’ve come to carry a blank face
People are unable to see any emotion
I don’t like people to feel pity for me
Because it creates a big commotion

I’ve thought about different ways out
I have these thoughts most days
I have nobody to turn to
Mostly because nobody stays

The worst part is that I know I need help
But how do you ask?
How could somebody possibly understand
When I’m always wearing a mask?

They’ll say it’s for attention
But I’ve written letters goodbye
So what do I do
When life sounds better in the sky

I don’t know if I can come back from this
It’s never ending, it doesn’t stop
It never goes away, it stays in my thoughts
One day soon I’ll just pop

I don’t want to hurt anybody
But I always want a way out
I don’t know if I can continue
Because I’ll always have a doubt

About whether it’s all worth it
I question this endlessly
I feel I have no purpose
I breeze around pointlessly

Nobody can save me
I hope I’ve left a mark
Because one day
My whole world will go dark