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“Winterssong” by Yvette R. Murray

Where did the birds go and can I come?
Now that the taste of summer lemons is gone.
Oh, Robin, Oh, Sparrow, Oh, Hummingbird, you
Take wing and leave this barren, southern plain
And me behind alone with no juleps.

The silence of early morning-deafening in your absence-
is all I have to walk with. Only left are my sweet dreams
of you and old, empty nests falling apart and drooping,
dropping piece by now brown piece onto the ground.
Browns and yellows and deep, burnt oranges is all.

Your winter cousins are more than welcome. It’s true.
To my divine hospitality; my love and affection
Come then tern, finch and owl, with no delay.
Sing your songs; please teach me the words
That I may harmonize with you on porches.

I, who am tethered to this inhospitable land,
Yearn to wear your wings. Then I could come and
Rush you back to me. I have no patience for seasons.
No need for this brutal change. So, I replay your songs