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“Veneers” by Chris Melton

I like turning a no into a yes.
A smile into a gasp.
A grasp of the night
And what we might let pass.
Each turn of the moon,
Lost in my swoon,
A visage of you
Enters my view.

I put on a face, a hat,
To attempt to conceal
What I’m bad at.
I fall into love every night,
And climb out the next mourning.
Sometimes i feel like a high diver,
Gracefully spinning and twirling
In the air as I sail,
Revelling in my own overly dramatic flair.

You love everyone, too.
It’s honestly admirable considering
The fires that are bound to come when you
Heat up tinder to such extent.
The smoke obscures my view,
But the warmth remains.
Each mourning, a still
Beating heart speaks your name,
For the worse, or better.

I want to make you love me,
Up close, from afar,
I want you to miss me,
Even when I’m next to you.
I want your breath
To fog the insides of my brain.
I want you to scar my back,
Ripping my flesh, but leaving a souvenir.
I want my neighbors to hate you.

You make me flustered,
Beyond composure.
I make you laugh, and I like that.
The pearls that line your mouth
Deserve to be seen.
You said, this you can’t do.
I don’t believe you.
Again, I like turning a no into a yes.
A frown into a kiss.
An inch into a mile,
While you’re miles away
Still wondering, what if?
No one has to know,
But it will still be written on my lips.