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“Turning Point” by James Williams

March 2nd, 2005 is when my world stopped
I got called to the front office when my dad told me the news
It didn’t feel real at the moment I didn’t know how to feel

How do I tell my younger siblings who are only 2 and 5?
How do I make it make sense? at 9 years old I had to answer questions I was not ready for

I wanted everyone to stop hurting,
So i tried to take all the blame
I quickly became the most popular kid in school…what a weird claim to fame

Through it all, I refused to grow cold
That whenever a friend was struggling in life, I always offer my hand to hold
My jacket, when its cold

I still struggle with letting relationships go
I find it difficult to say no
But I promised my mom I’d continued to grow

So forgive me when I say “Be Safe,” “Drive Safe” every time you walk out the door
or go to the grocery store

I just know too well how life can give you more than you can pay for