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“Our Torn Shoes” by Tranard Harvin

Our Torn Shoes

We walk each day
In Our torn shoes
No Soles or laces
Just holes and feet.

No protection from broken glass
Nor hiding the scars that were caused
On the path once trotted
For the coming generation of our people.

Roads we’ve traveled of racial disparity and grieve
Revealing the true intentions of the thieves of this land
But yet,

(Sing) We feel like going on (2x), though trials come,

(Pause) On every hand, no foot,
With every step we take
We seem to break a barrier that once stood between us and our prosperity.
For the years of desiring sovereignty but being rejected has brought US to a place of determination
One that is much greater than any time because,
(Sing) We’ve had enough heartaches,
And enough headaches,
We had so many ups and downs
Don’t know how much more
We could have taken

(Pause) Yesterday,
Won’t stop your shine or your progress
Because success is
In the eye of the beholder of a brighter future,

To walk into;
In our torn shoes
(Sing) We have decided, determine we’re committed,
That we’ll run,

(Pause) No matter the cause,
The walking is soon done
Success has given US
Soles for OUR souls
To hold,
(Sing) I believe the storm will soon be over,
I believe OUR scars will fade away,
I believe, for the journey we have traveled, oh WE believe

(Pause) In Our Torn Shoes.