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“Thoughts” by Kenneth C. Carlson

If you allow politeness you may define – some of the spirit of charlston – the fountain of spirit is genuine and allows itself to be heard without being loud. It is a human life experience without the confines of rules that disallow goodness. The people here seem to Know this without hesitation. It’s spread is effectuous – it’s real or it would have melted by now. Charleston is old and crafty and allows those who want its wing of warmth and fortitude to embrace it – it also directs those who may not recognize her at first to love her .
Her winds are sweet her winds heal her winds , help forget , her winds help spread , the pleasant
Reminder of the grandness of life , this wind brushes by all , but touches each . The splendor of such a grand lady is it forgives and gets about the business of life . Two fold is this because it praises the one who gives us each day. Constant pleasant and
Truthful it was given the name the holy city. It rebounds like
No other , and embraces what it is – life ( which is a gift ) the sweetness of its many gifts it gives is praise – and praise is a thankful gift.