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“Some things” by Jamela McQueen

“Why is my life so full of pain”, he asked?
Boy hush u only nine what you know about sadness?
See now I been out in the rain.. I know about some things.
Like when your mother die and they tell you not to try cry…
Or when your so called husband beat u bc he just floating by yea I seen some things…
I seen the big yellow sun shine so brightly while a friend of mine was being killed so violently.
But ma I don’t mean to cut u off but I go through some things..
Like when my best friend got bruises on his back the one with holes in all 3 slacks.
Or when he come spend the night but really it’s because he don’t have lights..
And I hate it when he don’t eat over the weekend till Monday..
But it’s only because his mother don’t give a fuck and his dad is some whacked out nut..
See ma I been out in the rain…I know about some things…