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*The Lightened One* by Joshua Jarman

When the light receded here, the world succumbed to fear
Left with only darkness, cheer became solemn leer
For three days, slowed without perceptive time, our people came to see
a forged reality of the sublime, encrypted in animosity.
Curiosity filled the minds of those forgetful of the light
for when the sun returned to them, they seemed to only fight.
Angry at the gods for what they had done, the people turned to blood.
‘An eye for an eye’ they yelled aloud, In hatred toward the sun.
But what they didn’t know was that the sun had never left.
They had littered the sky in ash until, the darkness caved their chests.
So war arose in man, as the clock began to tick.
The sun continued to shine on them, as the land began to quake.
And soon the people left that land, to never return again.
The eye left drawn upon the hand, that saved them once again.
Now years have passed
The sun has stayed
Upon it’s pillars of glass and slate
Awaiting the day that man will wake
To finalize the same mistake.

Written by Joshua Jarman Feb, 2014