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The Charleston Sea

(An original by David Candelaria)

The pounding of the waves echo the shoreline,
As the seagulls hover above in the sunshine,
the tide makes the horizon seem not so far,
as the fiddler crabs dance on the distant sandbar.

Oh how I long for the Charleston sea,
my hometown, oh how I miss thee,
She beckons me with the sound of her whistling wind,
calling me back into her arms like a dear friend.

My heart is sadden, and my soul grows weary,
My memories of my childhood were so cheery,
Building sand castles with sand dollars and sea shells,
the smell of salty air, driftwood, bonfires and old fish tales.

I can imagine the warmth upon my face,
While I buried my toes in the sand,
I shall await and cherish the moment when,
I return to my Charleston Sea once again.