Terrace Theater is supported by the kind sponsors and advertisers we have at the Terrace: We are actively involved with every  sponsor we have. We eat at their restaurants, enjoy their gelato, bank with them, attend the schools, train at their gyms, and even get our hair cut at their barber shops. We emphasize a commitment to local, small business like ours. We are proud to be a part of these businesses:
Bridge Dental
Charleston Collegiate
Carolina Hearing Svcs
Charleston Museum
Charleston Music Hall
Dolphin Architects
Domicle Realty
Frames Unlimited
SIHH_EPS_LogoHoly CowHow Art Thou
John Pope Antiques
Julia Santen
Keller Williams
The LotLowcountry Local First
Moranz Entertainment
Port City Pressure CleaningRam KalusRobert M Turkewitz
Strawberry Blonde
Weight Watchers
Wild Blue Ropes