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“So What, I talked about it!” by Regina Duggins

I never thought I could take this world by storm.

Expressing my life through poetry is like reliving the tragedies written in a rap song.

(So What, I talked about it)

One stanza could free the next person’s heart from a torrential rainstorm.

I never imagined me, giving the world all of my energies. (So What, I talked about it!)

When you open up old wounds, you allow people to throw salt in your cracks;

Their opinions form criticism that you have spoken based on your life’s true facts.

(So What, I talked about it)

I gave up the fears of caring that some people will talk about me behind my back.

So instead I wrote more and explained everything that they thought they knew about me even my unspoken tragedies. (So What, I talked about it!)

I wasn’t ashamed to reveal it.

Just to let you all know

that even though my life seems untouchable;

I’m so unquestionably real.

(So What, I talked about it!)