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“Suicide” by kaitlyn johnson

A young girl sits on the floor of her living room, watching the news-

Flash another person, found dead in their bathtub, gun still in hand-

“Over the remote little girl” said her older brother “you’re too young to understand this-

Is the end of us Mathew, i don’t deserve the ridicule you-

“Are nothing, you don’t deserve to walk this world. Go kill yourself” said mommies boyfriend. hes mean-

ing to tell you that you’re gonna stay over at grandmas this weekend hun-

dred and one, one hundred and two, one hundred and three…. Ready or not here i come! i’m so glad grandma had stuff to do today-

Another person found dead in their bathtub by her daughter, gun still in hand-

In hand, 100 persons found in the woods, all seemed to have drunk poison last night-

After night i can sleep, my girlfriend killed herself in that cult, they took her in when her mom died. i should of been there for her-

ts, yeah ill tell him its my head that hurts and not my heart. dad will give me some meds and ill over-

And over and over again, it dosent stop. Kids arent taught in school how to deal with things. People arent protected from themselves. Mental abuse is just as bad as physical. This isnt anything new. Tim Carter, he was a football player, he hanged himself. Iris Chang, she was a writer, gunshot wound to the head. Chris Kanyon, a wrestler, overdose on anti-depressants. John McLemor, a watchmaker, ingested potassium cyanide. Leelah Alcorn, a transgender teen, jumped in fromt of a car. No, it dosent stop, it gets worse. It becomes culture.