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Spinny Chair, by Sarah Luongo

Spinny Chair

You get in the spinny chair, about to spin,
You know you’re about to spin, but nobody else knows,
You start to spin,
All you are able to see is simple flashes of color and light,
All you are able to hear is splurges of noises and murmured sounds,
You start to get tired, dizzy, and careless,
It soon becomes almost impossible to stop,
All the colors fade to black,
And the murmurs go silent,
Once the spinning stops on its own,
The world becomes blurry again, and simple thoughts hurt your head,
You start to realize,
It’s been hours instead of minutes,
Days instead of hours,
When you try to get up, you’re dizzier than you had imagined,
You’re so exhausted and unfocused,
You don’t even have enough energy to keep your balance,
And then they ask you to remember each detail,
While you barely remember the main event.

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