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“Sometimes the lyrics to a song have personal meaning, but I guess its up to the listener” By Christian Gilmer

Clam, crab, cockle, cowrie

Clam, take the shell, find a pearl

A pearl of wisdom

Grandpa sits you on his knee and shares his wisdom

He says there’s this man

He stands by the railroad tracks

His hair, wispy and fair, blows as the train passes

The buckles of his overalls shining glory

He says the man is waiting for someone to come back

Never be the one who waits

But pearls don’t come from clams, but from oysters

Crab crack open my shell

Look at my writhing innards

Watch me bleed out

Look at you

You can see all of me


A gush of honesty, a breath of fresh air



Cackling, laughing

A chuckle at his expense

Families gathered around the television

Tin foil trays to keep their meals separated


Rest your weary soul and join in the fun

Be like the American family

Look at them laugh

What the fuck is a laugh

How are they that fucking happy



Cowering in the corner stall

The other ones don’t like you so much

They think you look weird

They want you to quit correcting them so much

Maybe if they didn’t have the IQ of a walnut they could understand



Cowering as fists fly

Fists fly and bruises form

Press my tender flesh

Tenderized, made weak inside

Clam, crab, cockle, cowrie

Wisdom, vulnerability, false happiness, cowering from abuse

Punch my fucking skull

Make my brain fall all over this concrete floor

I want to see my thoughts

I want to see what goes through my mind

What the fuck goes through my mind

Watch me be creative

Watch me type for you

Watch me listen to what you want me to hear

Listen to me defy authority

Wow I’m such a rebel

Who the fuck cares rebellion is senseless

Just sit down please

These desks can’t hold the weight of your past

Wow how fucking deep

This took a turn for the worse

Guess I just have to end it all now

Polish that silver barrel

Load it up

Now dig in

Bon appetit