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“On The Other Side Of The Mirror” by Marta Yancey

The pain that lasts forever is
One that creeps up behind you
And sends shivers down your spine
Almost like a ghost

One that haunts you forever
It watches you when you sleep
It hangs over you at all times
And even if you can’t see it, it’s there

It comes when it sees you happy
And it takes it all away
Just like it took you away
Those days many years ago

Pain that lasts forever is
In the memory you’ll never forget
The tears that never dried and
The screams that were never heard

It comes to you suddenly
And it’ll destroy you once again
It’s the pain no one talks about
But the one we all know about

It’s the pain that takes your breath away
And your smile too
It’s not quite like a break up
Or your friends and family dying

It is just a thought
A distant memory
Of hands where they shouldn’t be and
Little brown bouncy curls

And little teeth
And the fake kitchen I used to play in
And the little scooby doo glasses
And a school uniform

And little princess heels
And polly pocket dolls
And a white cat
And a third story bedroom

It is
The pain of the past
That has now become the present
And will soon enter the future

It is timeless
It is the shadow that stands behind you
And it is the reflection in the mirror
That looks back at you