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SHE… by Johnny Howard

I don’t even know where to begin…that’s how dope SHE is
Not to get into some deep sh*t or to be facetious but to describe SHE would take more than a thesis
See it’s the way SHE sees sh*t…not your typical lady
SHE told me SHE’s a unicorn and I believe it…it’s crazy
When SHE does what SHE does I stare in amazement
At the mystery of this amazing sensational lady
It makes me want to show her off to the universe
Yet conceal her and make any intrigued groups disperse
For what it’s worth I know SHE would be good for me
For we’d mesh like the tongue on my new sneaks
We’d both keep it 1K like 2 G’s. One day. You. Me.
SHE makes me melt when SHE grins at me
The thoughts I get when SHE speaks to me have got to be a sin at least
I feel like I’m rambling see….That’s what SHE does to me
Like the words I speak aren’t enough for SHE
But I’m dope with words so I’m sure this will cheer her up at least
I can see myself falling in love with SHE
Because I know she’s more than enough for Me…