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“Selma” by David McClure

Their sweat began to bead and fall down their backs
Gazing at the crowd before them under a hot Alabama sun,
Whilst the dogs they held ferociously barked.

In the sultry southern heat they crossed the bridge,
Marching in peace for the rights they were denied,
But with a single call it turned peace to hell.
Blood and sweat dripped and pooled on the road,
Which was caught on film for the world to watch.
In horror people watched from their homes,
Giving credence to the crowd’s cries for freedom
And led to their cause gaining power in this crucial hour.
Such shame, anger and sadness many felt from the footage;
That bills for change started to come from many who held power.

But today,
When we seem to have Selma’s happening every hour
With the footage filling the news and our feeds.
There are many who cry for justice and change being placed;
For the systems and structures that perpetuate such a state,
But where are those with conscious hearts who hold power;
That are working every hour to make those crying heard,
Showing that their voices truly matter?

So, fight for change they must each day,
Until those at the top experience changed hearts
And finally decide that change we must.