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Poems by Rodney Gray

Untitled 1

Nine souls taken, they were not lost. What’s the value of a life? What is the cost?
Gone, because of their skin hue
nine. souls. taken.
Sat with them while his rage continued to stew. Cut each of them down, their lives gone too soon. Nine souls taken. After sitting and sharing the word, slaughtered, mercilessly while their pleas for life were not to be heard.
Flowers remain, memories retained, the hurt is still the same. The month is December, the end of the year, a cold chill exists on Calhoun street,you can still feel the fear.
Untitled 77
Her afro, black, curly
Sunshine bright,her smile too
Succes her greatest tool

Untitled 18

Like, ABCs or 123s, and not to be so elementary but I wanna write you little paper love notes like
Check yes or no if you love me, I just want a clue,
and then I’ll write back that I love you too.
Because, what is my we without you, the answer to that is to live a life I no longer wish to go thru.

Untitled 37

Thoughts in the middle of the night, use to come and cause me fright. But thoughts of you gives me the will to fight. Her words, resonate to my deepest thoughts, the light where there use to only be dark. The Brown eyed beauty shall always have a place in my heart.