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poems by J. A. Carlos

“Hamilton’s Daughter” by J. A. Carlos

The gaze I set upon your face.
The way I wish for your embrace.
The best of joy for you I pray,
I hope to give more some day

If nature wishes you my way
My arms will keep you, tenderly
Of purest heart, and soundest mind
My dearest angel, will you be mine?

“Mary Shelly’s Moth” By J. A. Carlos

Before my breath,
in cold delight
Sits the girl as dark as night
In peckish heat,
and tender light
I feel her lips pressed on mine
If sparks did fly
they had resigned
The pitch fork broke
Our sacred hope,
The people spoke
And hate my kind
the ones who love,
no matter why.

“The destiny of a lonely writer” by J. A. Carlos

If I knew I’d die at the end
I’d cry at the end
I’d die for my sin
At the end of a pen
Would I try it again?
Devise it again?
Revise the way it ends
or leave it just the way it is?
Well I’d be lying if I said:
“I’d change it all again
I’d be a different man
And make it right all in the end”
Cause I’m as sick as they can get
I will never ever quit
I will burn them at the stick
And laugh while screaming to the pit.

“The Mindhunter’s Doctor” by J. A. Carlos

Dear missis Alison
I am writing you this letter
In the hopes that you feel better
I heard you quit your job forever
For what I said back in December
And I hope you know I never
Would’ve wished this for you ever

I forgot to call you doctor
But it in pen so I’ll keep onward
Please come back and take my offer
I won’t touch you or be awkward
I won’t romance or speak improper
So could you please still be my doctor

Sincerely yours,
Patient 37