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“The Ocean Breeze” by Regina Duggins

Written May 22, 2009
Regina Duggins
Crisp, transparent, and illuminating Blue
Psychedelic pleasures
Cultivating the crimson colored sun
When the waves hit the shore
My life has just begun
Trapped by superficial fallacies
Contained by the calm of the ocean breeze
The circumference of the globe
Enlightens the softness of the soul
My life will begin to unfold
The cool of the metaphoric winds attributes
Attunes the beat from the roaring of the waves
Seductive sedation controls the psyche of the nation
As the water evaporates from the tear duct of ones’ eyes
My life can’t sustain the pain
Poetic consortium of dialects congregated by the tides
As they approach the surface of each season
Forming a unified state of dementia
Played softly through the confused mind
My life only holds what is held deep inside
Summer rains stains the remains laid across the grain
Leaving behind sorrowful pain
As the warm winds guide the ocean breeze
No two days are fulfilled the same
So, my life ends the way as it came