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New poems by David McClure


Swipe left, swipe right,
While built to give choice,
The choice it offers soon becomes addictive,
But at the end of the day
With all the swipes that have been made
In hope of just one connection.
Do we really feel satisfied with all that time spent
Trying to find a match
Even though we know we are quite a catch?

For when no responses are received,
How deflating that can be,
When searching for deep and meaningful connection.
Maybe there is a better way to spend this day;
That will lead me to cross paths
With someone who is cool and unique.
Then I will find that I had wasted all that time
On that infernal app, but then will rest assured
Had it not been for finally getting off the app,
I would not have met the person sitting in front of me.

A National Day of Mourning

What if we had a national day of mourning?
A time for us to collectively grieve;
For the jobs and loved ones we have lost.
Would we take that day and pause,
Joining our hands in prayer
As we collectively weep and mourn together
Showing compassion to one another?

Or, as we have seen these past few weeks,
Are we so eager to get back to how it was before;
That although part of us cares for all that’s been lost
All we want now
Is for things to return to how they once were
Leaving this chance to collectively grieve
Laying on the floor.

However, the thing about grief,
Is that eventually it needs release
And may take a form that is not as tidy and neat
As would be a national day for us all to mourn.

E Pluribus Unum

Red, white and blue flows in the air.
Sometimes singed, tattered and torn,
Even soaked with the blood of our fathers before
Represents a dream and promise guiding us still.
Yet, so often we have seen the dream broken and left unfulfilled;
That gave rise to many who picked up the torch for freedom
To give new life and hope to the vision the flag reveals.
For while its symbols and colors may be different,
When seen as a whole it gives credence to the motto,
E Pluribus Unum, we are one out of many.