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New poem by Summer Miller

Every action brings a new storm
Each one different than before
Some are good, some are bad
But neither you can ignore

But it’s not about the storm itself,
It’s about what you do when it comes.
Do you run for the hills,
Or do you stay and raise your guns?

Do you embrace the storm,
Or do you run to go hide?
Do you face the thunder,
Or are you scared to decide?

Do you warn others about the storm,
Or do you just think of yourself?
Do you try to help those struggling,
Or do you ignore them as well?

Do you let other people help you,
Or do you push them away?
Do you ask others for help,
Or do you not care what they have to say?

And while you’re thinking about this
The storm is still there.
Just waiting in the shadows,
It’s really not fair.

The storm isn’t going away,
So what’s your move?
The choice is yours,
Have something to prove.

Bio: My name is Summer Miller. Life’s really been knocking me down a lot lately, and I haven’t had an option but to get up. Hopefully this helps somebody do the same.