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“Message to the Broken Black Man” by Tranard Harvin

It’s not always easy

To smile in a crowd

To forgive when it hurts

Or stay quiet when its loud

Quite contrary to popular belief

That a black man could one day be

His family’s guide out of poverty

Oh how I hope that’s me

Unfortunate that it would be

That his best friend would be locked away

It’s been over 2 years now

Since his brother graced the ground of the penitentiary

As for his dreams, they’re somehow coming true

In the mist of his disarray

Level headed, goal oriented but don’t think he’s perfect

Most of us are built that way

But his face reveals the stripes that are

So deeply imprinted on his back

And the tears he cries are the evidence of hurt he feels

When he thinks of loved ones he can’t bring back

Now the only mission left on this side

Is to keep young people awoken

And he knows that he must do this

Even in the midst of being broken