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K.Y. Baker poem, “Chosen One”

Some people hate when they like someone, 
because chances are; 
they’re already taken.

What makes it worst; those people’s feelings are not 
here today and gone tomorrow; they linger.

They can’t say how they truly feel;
it wouldn’t make sense
because they only know of their crush.
Unlike the chosen one,
who has been through the storm, hurricane, 
sunshine and rain. 

How much can you really see,
when you’re not the chosen one?

You may see a few drops, 
but the chosen one will see every weather there is.
It’s easy to say, “There are others,” 
but could you make that stalemate to the heart’s ears 
and not the ones on the head.

I guess this crush will have to stay in thee imagination, 
but don’t be like “The Temptations”
and let it run away with you,
because the chosen one
will always have the person you’re crushing on. 

So, push the feelings aside
the best way you know how;
hopefully they will disappear,
never to surface again.

Some people hate when they like someone 
because the truth is; their crush will never see
beyond their chosen one.

Kortisha Y. Baker (Ms. Yo’Londa)
born on May 11, 1989 and raised in Augusta, Georgia. The daughter of Diann Davis Baker and the late Edward G. Baker. She is the youngest of two daughters. She has been a member of Beulah Grove Baptist Church for the past nineteen years and sung in the children’s choir for five in a half years. She attended Meadowbrook Elementary, Glenn Hills Middle & high school. She is a honor graduate of “Thee Fort Valley State University” with a degree in Bachelors of Art in Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism as well as Broadcasting. She always wears a heart ring on her right hand because it stands for bravery; someone that has moved beyond the fear; courage and love.