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“Guilty Conscience of the ‘Hardcore'” by Christian Gilmer

Of course its pride I’m referring to
Because the young men of our age stand too tall
Grow up too fast halfway to an early grave or so i was told
But turn the other cheek because they just took a wrong turn somewhere
Some type of dirt road
An elementary passage
And they think it’s some rite of passage
Who got it in with who
Locker room confidential
And this isn’t the road not taken
Nobody could have seen it coming
When young men and women go sprinting into it all
And i told her to quit being so emotional
To just let it roll off of her back,
That he wasn’t worth it
But we keep making it so hard on ourselves
When we stop keeping everything under lock and key
But instead we keep it on the hush hush
On a need to know basis when it should have never happened at all
And they pin it all on that damn music television
Yet when responsibilities go unattended
And we find ourselves witnesses to victims
Our hands are just as bloodied as theirs