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“GO WITHIN” by Toni Parnell

I go within myself searching for the purest place.
Untainted, unharmed by the toils of life.
I listen closely to hear the beat of my heart.
The strength of my diaphragm pacing the inhales and exhales
that stretch my lungs.
I travel farther into my psyche to discover when I came to this place.
This world of longing, searching for the missing puzzle piece that completes
this jigsaw.
Upside down conundrum that I chose to light my path.
My reason for living.
I wait for the jolt, the life awakening jolt, like penetration meeting
the squish sound of the ready orifice
Sweetly welcoming the electric,
The magnetic,
Swell of pulse.
Hopefully leading me down a more determined path of destiny.
Yellow brick road, not of mythical Oz, but my no place
like home.
Rhythmic steps familiar to me because this is home.
I go within myself calling, listening for the voice, my voice, that
I silenced to chase a dream that was not mine.
A path that was lit by dim stars.
Not my destiny, not my truth.
I go within myself seeking my kingdom where I am queen.
Sitting on my throne.
Ready to reign.
My destiny, my voice, my truth.
The path lit brilliantly with the stars created for me.
Great solar brilliance warming the cold iciness of my core.
I emerge from within myself renewed by my travels from the
ejaculated seed that merged with the ovum in complete
wholeness, nurtured in the womb of my brilliance.
Radiantly standing
Illuminating in my knowledge that a queen is never broken.
She simply cocoons.
Fascinating onlookers with her powerful ability to command rebirth.

Toni Parnell
© 20 April 14