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Ease my mind by Lloyd S Moye Jr.

Soothe my soul like the cool side of the pillow, Like a cool crisp early October morning,Like good news right on time, A feeling that doesn’t have to be explained because we’re on one accord, Like we can afford to waste anymore time,
Ease my mind
Refresh my spirit,
Make me want to live with fervor, Live life with a renewed purpose, Purposely passionately running towards destiny, To a place we have plenty but we aren’t complacent, The moon and stars are our basement as we reach higher together, Arms wrapped around forever like a last first embrace, Too excited to hold on and yet scared to let go,
Ease my mind
Tell me I’m your last first thought,
Tell me I’m needed like air,
Tell me I’m hidden in your purpose,
Tell me I’m your best friend,
Tell me I was a terrible mistake that was so right,
Tell me you are sad when we fight,
Tell me I’m sexy,intelligent,irresistible
Tell me you love me,
And I don’t question it,

Ease my mind