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A Dew for each One by T.Rose

As the early sunrise begins
The dew on her face glistens
She absorbs the drops with haste
Blooming, slightly, to praise God for another chance
God smiles knowing the burden on her heart
“It hurts but you are growing, my daughter.
You are different, but that’s your uniqueness!
The moment you embrace it, you will bloom.”

A dew glides down one petal; onto a leaf,
the dew continues to flow until it falls off.
an invisible force catches it and raise it.
“I know what your dew is due to…”
the force vanish, leaving a slight splash onto the soil.

“Your pain is not you. You will find a true green thumb one day, until then tend to yourself.
One already had a garden,
One didn’t want to admit they were mesmerized by you; need to learn how to love fully,
and that One,
just needed your energy to love himself,
you need One to love you as much as you give and respect what he found.
Don’t hide your dew because others aren’t strong enough to understand.
I understand, you understand, and One will one day tend to you.”

She absorbs the drops with haste,
Blooming slightly to praise God for another chance.