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Endless colors reflect in the glass
Thru the shadows
Behind the barman’s shoulder,
Which moves with the rhythm
Of glasses being dried.

On the left speaks a man
With a loud tie and voice,
Of big deals made and
Small opponents beaten,
Impressing his son’s date
But boring his wife.

On the next stool over
Is a homely man,
Tall even when sitting.
He writes on a napkin
Of something sad or lost,
For one can read the words on his face.

At the end of the bar top
Drink three young men,
Smiling fraudulently at
The women who are not there.

Filling the candled tables
Sit a living spectrum
Of dreams, fear, desire;
Of every emotion of Life,
Submerged, hidden,
To be played in the game
As needed.

At the center, drink empty,
One man observes, alone.
Standing, he pays the tab,
Then runs to the car
In the rain.

Michael Tidwell

She touched my heart with her finger, I didn’t see it coming…
She flashed a smile and blinked her eye, letting me know her desires…
I cracked a half-ass smile and let her know I am interested now what I asked…
Nothing more was said so I followed her lead what I found was that damn love bug shot me in my ass…
Called it love at first sight, hey I called God that blow my mind
She called me “Boo” and I responded with Bae…
Shit I thought I was through with that part of life, she brought “him” out and “him” was excited finally “him” found his favor…
How she touched my heart with her finger, we talked for hours I realized she was my destiny…
Wow! She touched my heart with her finger, I never seen it coming…
Shot by the love bug…
Had to take a minute to reflect with my God, I said God is she the one you chose for me?
God replied you never seen it coming she touched your heart with her finger…

The world was once new and full of potential
The years flowed like water in a stream
Mankind built amazing civilizations
We fought and died on battlefields
We reached for the stars
The world saw both great time and horrible times
The world never stands still and neither should we
We will always endeavor to make this world a better place to live in
We must remember one fact
Nothing is ever promised or guaranteed in this ever changing world

The Metamorphosis Of Madness
Written throughout the majority of 2016 by Montréal Morant (Song)Writer

My mind is racing a mile a minute
I feel like I finally reached the limit
How far can I go, what’s the distance
Before I break and end this existence

Trapped in my head within a world so scorned
Feasting on the drugs, the violence, the porn
I wanna escape, I feel so torn
Lost in this maze of roses and thorns

Drowning in guilt—trip after trip
Gasping for life, just wanting to live
Trying to salvage my relation-ships
Before they sink into the abyss

But how much longer can I handle this?
I’m on the verge of calling it quits
Losing my balance, beginning to slip
No sense of control. So sick of this shit!

Think this and that, I’ve lost my focus
Eating my insides are the locusts
This world’s so fake, it’s all so bogus
What’s it gonna take before we all scream “FUCK THIS!”?

Mindless drones we’ve fallen victim
Stuck to our phones it’s so damn sickening
And just like a fly we’re waiting to die
Glued to the paper we meet our demise

Shoving the future down our throats
Swallowing it whole ‘til it makes you choke
Shit out the past, cough up the present
What the fuck are we doing if we don’t make a difference?!

Worthless have our lives become
Behind the limelight we grow dumb
Memories lost in the blink of a Snap
As we chat away moments we’ll never get back

Looking elsewhere than within ourselves
Absentminded empty shells
Seeking a heaven while living a hell
Faking the smiles, we’re so overwhelmed

More likes, less love, all texts, what’s next?
The social incompetency to really connect
Leaves us unhappy and more depressed
Forming an overstimulated inferiority complex!

Blind as a bat in the middle of a crowd
No one can hear you no matter how loud
Muzzled by man like a chain fenced hound
Below the facade six feet underground

And from our awards for mediocrity
To our disguises in efficiency
Just open your eyes and you’ll begin to see
We’re more lazy than we could ever be

But the pressure’s rising to conform
So we must fight back against the norm
Before we ingest the chloroform
Of the manufactured and misinformed

We must embrace who we are
Don’t just set, be above the bar
Anything less is subpar
So push yourself no matter how far

Because limitations are your weakness
To what’s locked within your genius
So rest on that until your sleepless
As to why this leaves you sp…

Written May 22, 2009
Regina Duggins
Crisp, transparent, and illuminating Blue
Psychedelic pleasures
Cultivating the crimson colored sun
When the waves hit the shore
My life has just begun
Trapped by superficial fallacies
Contained by the calm of the ocean breeze
The circumference of the globe
Enlightens the softness of the soul
My life will begin to unfold
The cool of the metaphoric winds attributes
Attunes the beat from the roaring of the waves
Seductive sedation controls the psyche of the nation
As the water evaporates from the tear duct of ones’ eyes
My life can’t sustain the pain
Poetic consortium of dialects congregated by the tides
As they approach the surface of each season
Forming a unified state of dementia
Played softly through the confused mind
My life only holds what is held deep inside
Summer rains stains the remains laid across the grain
Leaving behind sorrowful pain
As the warm winds guide the ocean breeze
No two days are fulfilled the same
So, my life ends the way as it came

Written by Regina Duggins April 28th, 2011
If you come another minute it might be too late
So, be on time because
Another minute you just might be too late
I been through the storms and the rain;
I‘ve even experienced some heartache and pain
But as long as you remember to be on time and don’t be late
I can see why another minute would make you late
I have a bus to catch, a train already delayed,
and a car that ain’t going my way
Can you please understand that?
Another minute and you just might be too late!
I ain’t flying off on a jet plane or even an airplane but
If you are not on time, you will be another one who was
Just a minute too late to catch up with me today!
I have passed the cruise ships on my way
And even waved at the naval base but they weren’t
Going my way, so I just decided to walk through the town
I wasn’t late but one more minute and you will be late!
Walking alone with a smile turned up sided down into a frown
I don’t have time to stop, sit, or even stare because my plate is
Already full with someone not being there
When everyone could have been on time
But no one chose to be here;
So, why are you mad? ; when anyone
Could’ve walked off down the street with me!
So as I tell you again don’t be late
Because a minute might already be too late!

I have something for you
Even though you haven’t asked
I give you this to sleep with
Until your pain has passed

It is something special
Or so it seems to me
I offer it so rarely
But I always give it free

Keep it close, keep it safe
Guard it from all harm
Think of it when you’re alone
And it will keep you warm

When you know it’s value
You will reaffirm your own
Then you will turn to Thank me
But Oh too late,
I’ll be Gone

Suns shines on this city
As if it had been built in the clouds
Is that why Hell’s the limit instead of the sky?
We holy city kids
So, of course, called angels then
But some of them angels from then
Are grown demons now
If a mother’s tears were gold
Well, this city has made a fortune
How many graves have bloomed, how many bodies have fallen
Deep…down in the dungeons
With no release
Cold city but hot streets: exit, exist, or cease
But God gave us a way, which I truly believe
Would clean and nurture this city
Most naturally
If everyone helped the next to plant their seeds
We’d grow our city from dreams into reality.

a romantic dinner for myself
rosebuds, candle standing on the table,
not to woo but just for flavor
run my finger around my wine glass
but I can’t make that sound come out
can’t make sweet music together

But watch this neat trick
I say to no one, alone in my room,
and rip the cloth off the table
and break all the plates on the floor
the spaghetti that was supposed
to lead to our first kiss,
starting at different ends,
is now twisted all up.

the flower petals on the floor
lead nowhere at all.

Untitled 1

Nine souls taken, they were not lost. What’s the value of a life? What is the cost?
Gone, because of their skin hue
nine. souls. taken.
Sat with them while his rage continued to stew. Cut each of them down, their lives gone too soon. Nine souls taken. After sitting and sharing the word, slaughtered, mercilessly while their pleas for life were not to be heard.
Flowers remain, memories retained, the hurt is still the same. The month is December, the end of the year, a cold chill exists on Calhoun street,you can still feel the fear.
Untitled 77
Her afro, black, curly
Sunshine bright,her smile too
Succes her greatest tool

Untitled 18

Like, ABCs or 123s, and not to be so elementary but I wanna write you little paper love notes like
Check yes or no if you love me, I just want a clue,
and then I’ll write back that I love you too.
Because, what is my we without you, the answer to that is to live a life I no longer wish to go thru.

Untitled 37

Thoughts in the middle of the night, use to come and cause me fright. But thoughts of you gives me the will to fight. Her words, resonate to my deepest thoughts, the light where there use to only be dark. The Brown eyed beauty shall always have a place in my heart.


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