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She was god
Tsunamis flowers while she walked
gentle touch
through the heart
what made you king of the galaxy.

So broken heaven in the paddles
in her life with my dreams made the love
Pure and beautiful
was everything else.

Smile, laugh, and kisses
in the repeat shuffle.

She was happy so we broke
her husband didn’t want to divorce

Would be known as fairy tale
for ten years she gave me hope
and never chance
like a catfish
Collect those poems as trophies go
,,oh dear I love you more.,,

Well played honey bee
Sucks his dick like it was me
She saved the whole family

Clap the hands I meet a Brooke
She made her trash with every look

The wheel turned a little bit
They’re in hell and I’m free

Walk away pretend I don’t exist.
Don’t acknowledge my presence.
Deny chemistry ever happened
as if we were never friends.

Ignore text messages and phone calls
I’ll regret the pain I caused.
Wait for her to come around;
have faith though it’s been a while.

Pray to God ask for a sign…

Walk away pretend he doesn’t exist.
Don’t acknowledge his presence.
Deny chemistry ever happened
as if she’s not with him.

Despise him and her holding hands.
Scoff at their wedding bands.
Wait for her to come around;
have faith though it’s been a while.

Keep holding on for dear life…

I stare out the window, and I see cloud 9…



Success is constantly running through my mind…

Whether it’s Family…


Or Networking…

I’m consistently on the grind…

My everyday goal is to try my best to stay ahead of time…

Due to my position from behind the starting line…

No handouts…

No silver or wooden spoon…

But with God on my side,

I just knew that I would do just fine…

“Due to my position from behind the starting line”…

I’ve been aiming towards the sky,

More specifically,

That silver line…

I can easily settle for LESS,

and be content with a simple mind…

But because of my HEART,

I have other HEARTS,

that I want to see happy besides MINE…

I started this race from behind the starting lines,

Now I have visions on top of 

Cloud NINE!

-Trey Hill

She said “we’re different”, & I gave her this look only to say “how”, she said “were from completely different places”, Simply told her “it don’t matter if our bodies speak the same language” she started laughing & replied with “what you mean”

Let me explain oh goddess of everything pure & beautiful.

See, I could speak to thy body till its speaks in tongues or with a kiss thts whisper to thy soul till your bell is rung, “daddies home”, gasping for air like you need a respirator, this touch creates more then goose bumps, it’ll speak to your lungs.

Tryna put you under like im the hammer & you the nail or you vampire & im the slayer.

You bite me but Ima slay you.

Toes would curl up like I’m inside but im really on your back side, kissing down ya spine, speaking to your insides
Hours after I’m gone but you’ll be craving me, the way I speak to thy stomach, “oh daddy fill me till I want no more”

She said “so this physical.”

I replied “baby this is deeper than the skin.

Let me speak to thy mind, everything else will surely fall with time. I have the deepest desire to be deep within thee. Let’s talk politics & human nature, to science & religion. Or we could sit & gaze in to each other eyes for hours. Oh my what a vision, or sight.

I know tht might, not make sense but.. let me explain, iight .

Vision is what you see in the long run while one fights his current sight. & As i gaze into your eyes your beauty captivates me but within I see a vision. a young man on a mission, this mission includes capturing all of God treasures, while his life is what he risking. Yet he battles & he fight & he fights & battles. Only to reach the treasure he stood baffled. Surrounded by all of Gods glory & untold riches, there stood only one object in the middle. Center stage & bright lights. It was God’s angel. Covered in blood & while his whole body ached, he rushed to her feet, still standing in awe he humbly kneeled surrendering to her might. Because in this room full gold & treasure. She was the one thing that could change his life.

Now do you understand?

I often wonder where this journey is taking me…
I have so many distant memories…
And I truly miss the unity of family…
Since birth, I’ve been acquainted with sacrificing…
I just pray I discover, and fulfill my destiny!!!
-Trey Hill

Of the angels I clipped her wings.
I lured her away from cloud
She and I encased in a bubble
on the crescent moon
where we cuddled.
Every kiss an equal reaction,
an exchange
of energies
so familiar…

Yet and still brand new…

This was us in the Garden of Eden
indulging in the forbidden fruit.
Judgment day would find us,
we’d have to answer
for our transgressions.
Bow before the king of kings.
Ask for his grace and mercy.
Lord knows if I could
I’d do it
all over

Nursing beer and troubles on my porch
with this corncob packed and lit,
when a rumble of thunder
in the southern summer
gives my thoughts a short respite.
Rain drips from the eaves
to the floor, where it leaves
soft patters like tapping fingers.
Breeze picks up, snuffs my match;
now in darkness I watch
eerie lights start to circle and linger.
Green will o’ the wisps
why’d you come out tonight
to flirt beneath such stormy skies?
If you still pursue love
flouting death from above,
well, then no complaints have I.

Staring through a reflection of regret and broken dreams , desire is a spark flickering. It used to be a raging fire ; a conduit of energy. Between these pages I sought refuge, A sanctuary where my essence roamed freely, like wild horses in the Pryor Mountains of Montana. Nowadays I’m tethered to a ball and chain , boxed in. No date for release. No reason for relief.

Your words hit me like a bullet, but your hands felt even more piercing every time you struck me
You shouted “worthless” more than anytime you had called me beautiful
You turned into the person you promised you’d never become
I stayed
I believed I saw flowers growing through the cracks of your concrete heart
But you never watered them
You never let them bloom

Happiness should not be defined or generalized. What does it really mean? He walks in with a gleam and lightness. She is by his side, the one he said changed his perspective. Made him want to be a husband, racing to give up the title of a bachelor, a womanizer. No longer does he desire the flesh. Like a victim identifying an unsub from behind the one way mirror. He align them mentally, which one does he require tonight? The seducer or the one full of mystery? Now when he imagines, all he sees is one unimaginable beauty. It didn’t take much for him to change. Must of been her grace and her transparency, the way she cares. A natural giver, whatever she has is his. Nothing too good for the taking. A life of love and total bliss. Together they must grow. Like a sword to a shield they will triumph. Unstoppable in their own right, but together, better, the results amplified with that of each other.


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