A poem by Sabrina

*We will never understand God’s plan,
we’re not ment too because it’s out of our hands.
*But before you leave today,
take a minute to hear our eulogy
*In everything we were going to be, unknowingly,
I craved the day that you destroy me,
*With all the petty games I played,
And all the hateful things you say’ed
*How could love treat us this way?
or grow the balls to up and walk away!
* But hey………………………….
*silly me……………………….……
*because now I see how its turned out to be.
* Though, just as the moon waxes and wanes
none of this pain is ill gotten gains…
*The drugs took the emotions away,
dam near rid them from us every day,
*As it despensed our reality in spurts
the ultimate divert is what caused our hurt to invert!
* But you never seen it coming….for I was taking all the blows,
Without weary remarks, while we stuffed our nose!
* and its ok, If you want to walk away,
just leave me with our debt to pay… I wouldnt have it any other way.
* The lessons you’ve taught me baby, are rarely sought,
unfortunately… for me, they were bought.
* I’ll cry as you leave with snot on my sleeve, Tho I soon will admit,
Im tired of your shit And for you to just leave, is somthing i need!
* Eventually, when all my pieces retract,
I will pray to God for you back.
*With the debth of the damage still yet to be known,
unprepared and unaware of the web that we’ve sewn
*My heart shoots pains deep down in my bones.
Still you’re the one who condones my moans’,
* Anyway,…. You’re ride’s here to take you away,…..
And it’s ok …….
There isn’t much of me left anyway.
Have a good day……….

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“Noah” By Matthew Mccray

I wonder; how Noah must’ve felt for those 40 nights

40 foot waves crashing in.. with no help in site

I wonder how it felt when the rain kept pouring down

Wonder how they felt when he left them em all…. on the ground

Was he a visionary;? Doing God’s work for Better man

Or was he the monster carrying out a vindictive plan

I wonder for Noah’s life who was the scribe

I wonder when I die; Will they do the same for I

Forget the flaws, write my legacy in awe

Like aw man he wasn’t just another man

With a choice; with a voice; Like he didn’t rejoice

every sun he saw those forty nights

What if my legacy goes the same way

I hope the book of me,inspires your inner rage

Will your Arc end above the waves


Would you have drowned

Saving all ….. before you sailed away

Turn the page

Choose your own way.. Nephew..

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“No Mystery” By Mindwater

let me down easy
into the slender morning perfect

catch my ripples with a telescope/
a photograph of pastfuture

that everlasting fleeting goodbye
ringing in my favorite sunglasses
keeps me coming back
to the spot where we
forgot about Jupiter falling

there’s no mystery
in the moon’s jaws

there’s no shining
language unlocking
your window breeze

just let me down
into every cool crystal moment

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“Immegration” By Francisco Douglass

Without immigration you wouldn’t have me
and I’m a pretty cool dude
whether or not you agree—

yea I’m US born
but take a look at my family tree,
the make up of a Puerto Rican has a spectrum of values and saturation’s that run deep- rich.
found out I have Egyptian roots
makes sense, cuz I like Egyptian food.
nah, ain’t gonna start reppin’ Arabs,
Puerto Rican all day, with coquito in hand.

yes, I love diversity in my city
well, what it could be—
Charleston thinks that
black-n-white are colors
yet, there’s something missing—

Fractals of HD like iPhone backgrounds
Vivid images, faces, hues of divine fingerprints
Like God painted with His finger these immigrants
using clay, mahogany
cherry wood, brown sugar.
Terra-cotta red tints and red tones
red notes, red shades and tanned overlays

you know like the tannins of wine skinned keepers we hold the beauty of those kissed
by the sun
caramel baby and bronze—
coffee, black teas.


without it you wouldn’t have me

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“They” by C Ward

In the shadows
of the morning
he and she did look
each upon the other
face to face
love to love
fingers tracing cheeks.

he whispered
aching for her alone
-there was none besides her
she was she

she traced her fingers
along the shadowed creases
of his jaw and chin
‘my beloved’
as into him

she melted.

eyes to eyes
finger tips to finger tips
each the other
each the other

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“Remember” By Jamela M.

Don’t you remember why I made u smile
Don’t you remember how I made you feel when you felt like no one had your back
Please remember I’m just stating facts
Do you remember my kisses
My hands placed on your face
In my heart for you nothing but love and your grace
Sometimes I wish I didn’t remember

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A Monologue By Stormy Williams

The father-

He is the first man a girl learns to love. He protects and holds his daughter from hurt and pain, but what if he is the source of her pain. The restless night she lays awake wondering if in his befuddled state will he yell at her worse. School days she covers the scars, but what about the words, what about the internal scars. She seeks numbness in older boys longing to escape the pain of the source. School days she hears the whispers and she sees the looks, she gives it all up. If only he had protected her instead of being the source of her pain. Maybe that girl would be alive today.

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“A Wake” By Francisco Douglass

In the wake of today’s wake my heart’s awakened

by the face of a boy holding a smile

although his father will never reciprocate

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“The Shadow Of A Ghost” By Jack Story

A cliché is a cliché

At least that’s what they say

A feeling only makes you feel

Some type of way

The trees sway, and sway

As the wind blows down the way

And the leaves take flight

Following the breeze

Down the breezeway

And the alliteration aligns

With my emotions

This time

It all makes sense for once

But that’s a lie I

Tell myself

As I try to cry

To show myself that I

Understand something else

This thing,

Belongs to no man

Or woman or

Animal or


No such behavior has been exhibited by

A car or an ant

For I feel this feeling:

A cold touch (how cliché)

As if I’ve been swallowed

By the shadow of a ghost

A love lost

An undead host

A heart beats

Yet no blood flows

As I follow the shadow of a ghost

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Too Little, Too Late by Summer Miller

It starts out fine,
Just tryin to help yourself repair
From everything,
All because it makes you not care.

You start doing it more,
Everybody keeps asking why
And what you say is
“I just like the high

“I love the feeling,
The release of all my fears,
The calm in my mind
When everything disappears.

When time stands still,
And I stop caring about it all.
When my heartbeat slows,
And everything seems so small.

The chills that spin me around
As it runs through my veins.
And the shivers down my back
As it hits me like a hurricane.

I know you don’t understand,
And I know you think it’s strange,
I know it’s hard to watch,
But realize I’m not ready to change.”

As the years go by,
The addiction grows.
You’ve lost who you were,
All because this is what you chose.

You’re getting sad now
So you go pick up some new stuff,
Cuz the old stuff isn’t working,
And when you finally take that puff

Your life starts to play like a movie,
Your palms start sweating,
And your body starts shaking.
All you can do is start regretting.

Regretting all the choices you made,
All the people you hurt,
All the times you never listened,
Because you weren’t concerned.

Remembering all the their faces
As they begged you to quit,
As they heard you say you couldn’t,
And as you watched their hearts split.

Now you’re lying there cold and alone,
A lesson learned too late.
Hoping people remember the good in you,
And praying nobody seals the same fate.

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