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“Black Face” by Saeed Jones

“Black Face”
-(for Paige Shoemaker)

Don’t apologize to me for your mockery of God
Your Lord and savior Jesus Christ already knows your heart
Despite your blatant ignorance,
He in turn awarded you forgiveness for your repentance
And then….
…..you called him nigga

Don’t be taken aback

You have always prayed to the nigga
When the cotton needed to flourish
When your offspring required nourishment
Whenever you seeked entertainment or a fresh body to torment
Nigga was always there to answer your prayers

Yet you have the audacity speak a nigga’s name in vain
Blasphemy, to believe you could hide your face from God
By painting it the same color as your soul
That your jokes aren’t the headliners for Satan’s sideshow
And your false sense of security on social media deserves our pity

Its easy to say”It feels good to finally be a nigga,” until they get a nigga good
Whisper that into the ear of fallen king and wait for a smile
Witness John’s vision of the Book of Revelation in
Michael Brown’s blood, shimmering under the seven stars and street lamps
Like the Son of God himself, prosecuted before the masses only to
Rise again in a flash of hashtags and post mortem glory

Don’t apologize to me for your mockery of God
For He, like every nigga that I know….
….knows a bigoted heart