Author: Charleston Poets

Your words hit me like a bullet, but your hands felt even more piercing every time you struck me
You shouted “worthless” more than anytime you had called me beautiful
You turned into the person you promised you’d never become
I stayed
I believed I saw flowers growing through the cracks of your concrete heart
But you never watered them
You never let them bloom

Happiness should not be defined or generalized. What does it really mean? He walks in with a gleam and lightness. She is by his side, the one he said changed his perspective. Made him want to be a husband, racing to give up the title of a bachelor, a womanizer. No longer does he desire the flesh. Like a victim identifying an unsub from behind the one way mirror. He align them mentally, which one does he require tonight? The seducer or the one full of mystery? Now when he imagines, all he sees is one unimaginable beauty. It didn’t take much for him to change. Must of been her grace and her transparency, the way she cares. A natural giver, whatever she has is his. Nothing too good for the taking. A life of love and total bliss. Together they must grow. Like a sword to a shield they will triumph. Unstoppable in their own right, but together, better, the results amplified with that of each other.

When you’re here, I hate the thought of you leaving.
When you’re gone I ponder on the moment of your return.
Too early for commitment but a promise can be given.
Every look into your eyes, every kiss upon your lips, every hug u give me makes me melt like, I’m starting to drip.
You’re here for a reason.
Too soon to call it but I know it’s longer than a season.
They say everything happens for a specific reason
…or Purpose.

You give energy at my lowest level to fuel me up on something special.
I’m awake with you.
You said you’re leaving soon…
Then I’ll wait for you!

I pinch myself in preparation

Roses bloom as the sword

Makes his drag.
It’s a war she lives in

The blue tile of her bathroom floor
Their battleground.

She trembles as she enters the arena

A loss was all she ever won.

Dear Southern Gals

Savannah – oh honey

You beautiful Belle

Your locks long and loose

And silver as well

Muted mementos of

Suffering of pain

Of tears you have wept

Long rivers of rain


Georgia – oh honey

You dear southern Belle

Your story is cruel

And shameful as well

Your tresses have witnessed

In somber green gray

The heartbreak the pain

The ship of that day


Oh Savannah oh Georgia

You dear Southern Belles

We hear you forever

Plead guilty as well

Now savour your beauty

The new dawn can’t wait

Start combing your hair

It’s time for a braid

Nicole de Jager April 2018


The words came


Heart or hope.

You see,


Is here.

I smiled



Only once.


As your





As I watched

You drift


To dream.


In light




Partly drawn

You lay


That sofa

Old, soft


In gentle



I smiled



It starts out fine,
Just tryin to help yourself repair
From everything,
All because it makes you not care.

You start doing it more,
Everybody keeps asking why
And what you say is
“I just like the high

“I love the feeling,
The release of all my fears,
The calm in my mind
When everything disappears.

When time stands still,
And I stop caring about it all.
When my heartbeat slows,
And everything seems so small.

The chills that spin me around
As it runs through my veins.
And the shivers down my back
As it hits me like a hurricane.

I know you don’t understand,
And I know you think it’s strange,
I know it’s hard to watch,
But realize I’m not ready to change.”

As the years go by,
The addiction grows.
You’ve lost who you were,
All because this is what you chose.

You’re getting sad now
So you go pick up some new stuff,
Cuz the old stuff isn’t working,
And when you finally take that puff

Your life starts to play like a movie,
Your palms start sweating,
And your body starts shaking.
All you can do is start regretting.

Regretting all the choices you made,
All the people you hurt,
All the times you never listened,
Because you weren’t concerned.

Remembering all the their faces
As they begged you to quit,
As they heard you say you couldn’t,
And as you watched their hearts split.

Now you’re lying there cold and alone,
A lesson learned too late.
Hoping people remember the good in you,
And praying nobody seals the same fate.

Bio: My name is Summer Miller and this poem is meant to open the eyes of those struggling with addiction. This hits very close to home for me and I hope you all can take something from it.

Ego Sum Inferno

This is the end
in panic

as a yowl of hopelessness
what is wearing her name
and petroleum in veins is
beating up all those m&ms
of graphic deaths

but attachment what I can’t
Get rid off
is sin.
Beauty no longer exists.

Boiling water

Im feather like a peace on her linens
Almost as a kiss


The Dewberry

And it started same as a dream
In the middle of the happening
Sun mixed with colors
Into the picture from witch
She stepped out

In someone who knew her,
She would trigger madness of jealousy
Because she was so beautiful, pure,
The cutest


Come back

That silence
In the flower before blossom
Like a vault of your mother ribs
It’s so safe
I know your lips!:
They’re pillows filled with heaven!
For one kiss?


Black pepper

Etc. Book or tone

In the night
When sparks shoots through the rainbow glasses
And stroke cotton in clad color.
The true silhouette
(in elegant style)



Etc. Forest or rain

You live
and light in you
will melt all of your faces.
Be modest my friend
You don’t need too much.



Etc. wood and sand

Bouquet of laugh unshaven lost homes
so unknown
that envy melted desires
To see us with their eyes
More beautiful than
A Shoes in the showcase


Was I asking for it?
Was it due to me being genuinely friendly, but you mistook it for flirting?
Or was it because I wore a mini skirt?
You came onto me aggressively, ignoring my pleading.
Did you not stop to think of your mother or sister, and would not want them to experience the same kind of hurt?
Was I still asking for it when you looked in my eyes overtaking my body, while I cried?
When you finished I felt like I was torn apart, just like the shreds of my shirt.
Was I still asking for it, when you denied it all and said I lied?
The next day my mother noticed I was too quiet, my eyes rimmed red.
She asked if I was okay, all I could muster was a nod with my head.
Was I asking for it?

As women our voices have been taken away. We are often silenced by fear. But for those women that have had the courage to come forward, and brought forward their traumatic experiences back into the light, after being buried in the dark for so long, we thank you. We thank you for being a voice for not just yourself, but for the
numerous amount of women who are afraid to come forward. And for the women carrying their story with them in silence just know you are loved, you are cherished, and we stand with you in solidarity for you are not alone.
We deserve a voice.
We deserve to be heard.
We deserve justice.
Ladies, this one is for you

-a note from the author


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