Author: Charleston Poets

There are some who usher calls for unity,
But what do they really mean?
For a nation that should be united
As it says in the pledge,
Liberty and justice for all,
But what good is unity
If these words are hollow and mean nothing at all.

For how can one have liberty
If they are unable to read!
How can one have liberty
If they lose their ability to see!
How can one have liberty
If economically, they are limited to who they can be!
And how can they have justice
If they cry, I can’t breathe.
For can we not see;
That by the votes we have cast
In all the election days that have passed
That our brothers and sisters do not have liberty!
So, how can we ask for there to be unity?


Swipe left, swipe right,
While built to give choice,
The choice it offers soon becomes addictive,
But at the end of the day
With all the swipes that have been made
In hope of just one connection.
Do we really feel satisfied with all that time spent
Trying to find a match
Even though we know we are quite a catch?

For when no responses are received,
How deflating that can be,
When searching for deep and meaningful connection.
Maybe there is a better way to spend this day;
That will lead me to cross paths
With someone who is cool and unique.
Then I will find that I had wasted all that time
On that infernal app, but then will rest assured
Had it not been for finally getting off the app,
I would not have met the person sitting in front of me.

A National Day of Mourning

What if we had a national day of mourning?
A time for us to collectively grieve;
For the jobs and loved ones we have lost.
Would we take that day and pause,
Joining our hands in prayer
As we collectively weep and mourn together
Showing compassion to one another?

Or, as we have seen these past few weeks,
Are we so eager to get back to how it was before;
That although part of us cares for all that’s been lost
All we want now
Is for things to return to how they once were
Leaving this chance to collectively grieve
Laying on the floor.

However, the thing about grief,
Is that eventually it needs release
And may take a form that is not as tidy and neat
As would be a national day for us all to mourn.

E Pluribus Unum

Red, white and blue flows in the air.
Sometimes singed, tattered and torn,
Even soaked with the blood of our fathers before
Represents a dream and promise guiding us still.
Yet, so often we have seen the dream broken and left unfulfilled;
That gave rise to many who picked up the torch for freedom
To give new life and hope to the vision the flag reveals.
For while its symbols and colors may be different,
When seen as a whole it gives credence to the motto,
E Pluribus Unum, we are one out of many.

Their sweat began to bead and fall down their backs
Gazing at the crowd before them under a hot Alabama sun,
Whilst the dogs they held ferociously barked.

In the sultry southern heat they crossed the bridge,
Marching in peace for the rights they were denied,
But with a single call it turned peace to hell.
Blood and sweat dripped and pooled on the road,
Which was caught on film for the world to watch.
In horror people watched from their homes,
Giving credence to the crowd’s cries for freedom
And led to their cause gaining power in this crucial hour.
Such shame, anger and sadness many felt from the footage;
That bills for change started to come from many who held power.

But today,
When we seem to have Selma’s happening every hour
With the footage filling the news and our feeds.
There are many who cry for justice and change being placed;
For the systems and structures that perpetuate such a state,
But where are those with conscious hearts who hold power;
That are working every hour to make those crying heard,
Showing that their voices truly matter?

So, fight for change they must each day,
Until those at the top experience changed hearts
And finally decide that change we must.

Slow breath in and slow breath out.
The sound it makes brings to mind;
The sound that waves make rolling on the shore.
For the sound it makes
Sets my heart at ease;
Calming me down and filling me with peace.

*We will never understand God’s plan,
                    we’re not ment too because it’s out of our hands.
*But before you leave today,
                    take a minute to hear our eulogy
*In everything we were going to be, unknowingly,
                    I craved the day that you destroy me,
*With all the petty games I played,
               And all the hateful things you say’ed
*How could love treat us this way?
                or grow the balls to up and walk away!
* But hey………………………….
*silly me……………………….……
*because now I see how its turned out to be.
* Though, just as the moon waxes and wanes
                    none of this pain is ill gotten gains…
*The drugs took the emotions away,
              dam near rid them from us every day,
*As it despensed our reality in spurts
                    the ultimate divert is what caused our hurt to invert!
* But you never seen it coming….for I was taking all the blows,
              Without weary remarks, while we stuffed our nose!
* and its ok, If you want to walk away,
               just leave me with our debt to pay… I wouldnt have it any other way.
* The lessons you’ve taught me baby, are rarely sought,
                     unfortunately… for me, they were bought.
* I’ll cry as you leave with snot on my sleeve,  Tho I soon will admit,
                    Im tired of your shit And for you to just leave, is somthing i need!
*  Eventually, when all my pieces retract,
                      I will pray to God for you back.
*With the debth of the damage still yet to be known,
                       unprepared and unaware of the web that we’ve sewn
*My heart shoots pains deep down in my bones.
                       Still you’re the one who condones my moans’,
* Anyway,…. You’re ride’s here to take you away,…..
                               And it’s ok …….
                    There isn’t much of me left anyway.
                                                            Have a good day……….

I wonder; how Noah must’ve felt for those 40 nights

40 foot waves crashing in.. with no help in site

I wonder how it felt when the rain kept pouring down

Wonder how they felt when he left them em all…. on the ground

Was he a visionary;? Doing God’s work for Better man

Or was he the monster carrying out a vindictive plan

I wonder for Noah’s life who was the scribe

I wonder when I die; Will they do the same for I

Forget the flaws, write my legacy in awe

Like aw man he wasn’t just another man

With a choice; with a voice; Like he didn’t rejoice

every sun he saw those forty nights

What if my legacy goes the same way

I hope the book of me,inspires your inner rage

Will your Arc end above the waves


Would you have drowned

Saving all ….. before you sailed away

Turn the page

Choose your own way.. Nephew..

let me down easy
into the slender morning perfect

catch my ripples with a telescope/
a photograph of pastfuture

that everlasting fleeting goodbye
ringing in my favorite sunglasses
keeps me coming back
to the spot where we
forgot about Jupiter falling

there’s no mystery
in the moon’s jaws

there’s no shining
language unlocking
your window breeze

just let me down
into every cool crystal moment

In the shadows
of the morning
he and she did look
each upon the other
face to face
love to love
fingers tracing cheeks.

he whispered
aching for her alone
-there was none besides her
she was she

she traced her fingers
along the shadowed creases
of his jaw and chin
‘my beloved’
as into him

she melted.

eyes to eyes
finger tips to finger tips
each the other
each the other

Without immigration you wouldn’t have me
and I’m a pretty cool dude
whether or not you agree—

yea I’m US born
but take a look at my family tree,
the make up of a Puerto Rican has a spectrum of values and saturation’s that run deep- rich.
found out I have Egyptian roots
makes sense, cuz I like Egyptian food.
nah, ain’t gonna start reppin’ Arabs,
Puerto Rican all day, with coquito in hand.

yes, I love diversity in my city
well, what it could be—
Charleston thinks that
black-n-white are colors
yet, there’s something missing—

Fractals of HD like iPhone backgrounds
Vivid images, faces, hues of divine fingerprints
Like God painted with His finger these immigrants
using clay, mahogany
cherry wood, brown sugar.
Terra-cotta red tints and red tones
red notes, red shades and tanned overlays

you know like the tannins of wine skinned keepers we hold the beauty of those kissed
by the sun
caramel baby and bronze—
coffee, black teas.


without it you wouldn’t have me

Don’t you remember why I made u smile
Don’t you remember how I made you feel when you felt like no one had your back
Please remember I’m just stating facts
Do you remember my kisses
My hands placed on your face
In my heart for you nothing but love and your grace
Sometimes I wish I didn’t remember


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