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“Asking for It” by Nicole Lauren

Was I asking for it?
Was it due to me being genuinely friendly, but you mistook it for flirting?
Or was it because I wore a mini skirt?
You came onto me aggressively, ignoring my pleading.
Did you not stop to think of your mother or sister, and would not want them to experience the same kind of hurt?
Was I still asking for it when you looked in my eyes overtaking my body, while I cried?
When you finished I felt like I was torn apart, just like the shreds of my shirt.
Was I still asking for it, when you denied it all and said I lied?
The next day my mother noticed I was too quiet, my eyes rimmed red.
She asked if I was okay, all I could muster was a nod with my head.
Was I asking for it?

As women our voices have been taken away. We are often silenced by fear. But for those women that have had the courage to come forward, and brought forward their traumatic experiences back into the light, after being buried in the dark for so long, we thank you. We thank you for being a voice for not just yourself, but for the
numerous amount of women who are afraid to come forward. And for the women carrying their story with them in silence just know you are loved, you are cherished, and we stand with you in solidarity for you are not alone.
We deserve a voice.
We deserve to be heard.
We deserve justice.
Ladies, this one is for you

-a note from the author