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“Another Minute might be too late!” by Regina Duggins

Written by Regina Duggins April 28th, 2011
If you come another minute it might be too late
So, be on time because
Another minute you just might be too late
I been through the storms and the rain;
I‘ve even experienced some heartache and pain
But as long as you remember to be on time and don’t be late
I can see why another minute would make you late
I have a bus to catch, a train already delayed,
and a car that ain’t going my way
Can you please understand that?
Another minute and you just might be too late!
I ain’t flying off on a jet plane or even an airplane but
If you are not on time, you will be another one who was
Just a minute too late to catch up with me today!
I have passed the cruise ships on my way
And even waved at the naval base but they weren’t
Going my way, so I just decided to walk through the town
I wasn’t late but one more minute and you will be late!
Walking alone with a smile turned up sided down into a frown
I don’t have time to stop, sit, or even stare because my plate is
Already full with someone not being there
When everyone could have been on time
But no one chose to be here;
So, why are you mad? ; when anyone
Could’ve walked off down the street with me!
So as I tell you again don’t be late
Because a minute might already be too late!