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A poem by Christopher Miller

Close your eyes

I am right there, close your eyes,
feel this, feel my finger tips, they are fascinated
by your skin while stroking your spine,
feel me breathing down the back of your legs,
kissing the tops of your shut eyes,
pulling your face in towards mine.
this is almost a kiss, this air between our lips
is one breath. As your shirt slides
onto the bed, and my head falls upon your breast
I do not care what happens next.

The whole world has agreed to quiet
so I can whisper through my heart,
listen everything is going to be all right.
I will be there in the drop of a dime.
I will dance, until my body is no longer mine
Then I will keep dancing in the clouds
with the best view of the sky. I can live
forever remembering those moments
drifting off in the gaze of your eyes.
the tips of your fingers stroking my palms.

Close your eyes now we are on an
empty plane, toes out of the window,
catching the rain. No where to go
nothing to gain, nothing to loose, Our day.
Our day, Our day to choose, Our day.
All are quiet nothing to say. Just a piano
and a violin playing. Open a well aged bottle of
blush, blowing bubbles on your belly button
barely breathing begging for bare skin to touch
bathing you in coconut lotion, melting into the rub.

Close your eyes, come with me,
everything is ok, Just breath. You are not weak,
Just breath, its a perfect day to be.
starring at your face just you and me. My eyes
are so tired, they are scared to blink.
they are scared to miss a glimpse
of just your finger tips, touching my skin.
forever is to long never to hear you breath again
Close your eyes I am right here always by your
side. I will die for you till there is no longer time.